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Friday, June 24, 2011

I don't garden

Yes, I know that's practically a crime to some people, but I simply don't enjoy it. I'm allergic to something (several somethings?) out there, so whenever I've tried to garden, I've spent more time wiping my eyes, sneezing and dealing with my nose than actually accomplishing anything. Luckily for me, my husband loves to garden and is quite talented at it. His favorite kind of gardening is producing various vegetables, especially lots of varieties of chiles so that he can have salsa and pico de gallo. He also grows cucumbers, bell peppers, and whatever else strikes his fancy.

One thing he always grows is tomatoes, which is a challenge in our hot, dry climate. Large tomatoes are generally out of the question, as they crack and split before they can ripen. However, this year we had a long spring and late summer, which has resulted in a bumper crop of gorgeous tomatoes! :) The cherry tomatoes are smaller than usual, but they're sweet enough to make us remember that tomatoes are actually a fruit. The larger tomatoes are full of flavor and beautiful to see. 

Our only problem is getting the tomatoes harvested each day before busy little Bisou can go feast on the ones that poke out of the fence surrounding them. ;)

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  1. Beautiful tomatoes! I guess something good came out of your cooler spring. Nice you have someone willing to do the growing. Sounds like a good team!


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