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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Button, button, who has ...

… the buttons? Last week I showed you part of a tea cozy I was working on. Now I've finished it, except for the specialty buttons I need to add to make this look like a traditional gingerbread house. But finding those buttons is proving to be a real challenge; I'm guessing that this is probably the wrong time of year. So my tea cozy will have to be unadorned until I can find what I'm looking for, which includes buttons that look like candy or gingerbread men or anything else you might see on an edible gingerbread house. ;)

In the meantime, you can see what it looks like so far. I made it from a pattern put out by Bent Tree Hollow Designs; they have so many really cute tea cozy patterns!


  1. I picked up some gingerbread men at Joann's last Christmas time. They were meant for scrapbooking, so they didn't have holes for sewing, but DH drilled tiny holes so they can be stitched onto items. There were 3 girls and 3 boys in the package. Maybe you'll find them soon, as Christmas stock seems to be arriving daily.....

  2. So did you have some and now they are lost? You know you won't find them until you buy some new ones, right? Otherwise, if you need to shop for some it's true they likely won't be found until the holiday stuff starts appearing but that's usually in July so it's not too long to wait. It sure looks cute even without any buttons!

    Doesn't tea stay really hot all by itself in your neck of the woods in the summer without a cozy?

  3. Here are some I found online:

  4. And more:

    Also, could you sew on little Christmas earrings?

  5. O tats so (sew) cute. Hope you find some buttons soon.


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