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Friday, April 8, 2011

Cecilia's Circles

Do you remember when I posted about making a lot of Drunkard's Path blocks? I've finally finished the quilt, including the label and a hanging sleeve, just in case I want to hang it at some point instead of using it to snuggle under. :) I had a lot of fun putting a zillion of the feathers I love so much on this one! You can see them better in these detail photos, one from the front …

and the other from the back. In this last photo, you can sort of see that the smaller partial circles were quilted exactly the same way as the larger ones; look near the center top.


  1. I swore I'd never try curved piecing again, but this quilt makes me start to rethink that!

    You've put your friend's fabrics to use in a beautiful project - what a tribute. And your feathers are just wonderful - they're a wonderful complement to the circular design.

    Good work (as usual!).

  2. Thanks very much, Louise! :) Do watch the videos from the site where I bought my templates — they're really good. :)

  3. Sandy,
    I just love this quilt!!! Beautiful job!

  4. Thanks, Patsy! I'm glad you like it. :)


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