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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Storm at Sea news

My goodness! My little Storm at Sea miniature is getting around! I'm very flattered that it's making an appearance on the John Flynn (really written by Brooke Flynn ) blog. Look here. :)


  1. That is so cool and quite an honor. If we ever get a chance to meet, I definitely want your autograph now that you've hit the "big time." Seriously, I think it's great that they wanted to share your work. It's a credit to them for providing such a great product and to you for doing such a fantastic job with it!

  2. That IS nice.
    I went to their site this morning and I was really surprised that the kit did not include binding. I never expect a kit to include backing, but I do expect binding. Or am I the only one to think kits should include binding?

  3. Congratulations! You did a super job, making their kit look great. I'm sure it will improve their sales.....


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