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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yes, I know I missed the season, but this piece will be ready for next fall. ;) This is wool appliqué, all done by hand, and I began making this while in Phoenix last month. Most of the fabrics were from a kit, and the thread is Valdani perle cotton in size 12; the Valdani has a lovely sheen, much nicer than DMC.

The biggest problem with this pattern (created by Cathy Skow) is that it was literally impossible to see through the background fabric (the olive-y green) to trace the layout and the embroidered tendrils. I made a plastic overlay to place the wool bits, but then I had to make a stencil for the embroidery -- not an easy task with scissors. ;) I will say, however, that this fabric was quite easy to appliqué to the scalloped backing. The original pattern showed that scalloped backing in a little brown plaid, but I couldn't find anything similar for my version. In fact, I couldn't even find a good range of colors in solid colors of wool felt! However, I think the green I finally settled on works well enough.

This was fun to do, but now it's back to quilting! :)


  1. Lovely hand stitching. This is one form of embroidery that I can't do - I'm allergic to wool. I'd have an itchy rash in a matter of minutes. Guess I'll have to stick with my redwork......

  2. THat is lovely and you made great choices from what you had! I love pumpkins...they are so happy :)
    I haven't work with wool yet, but I won a wool kit candlemat so that will be my first experience. I think that I'll love the handwork and wool is so cozy...


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