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Sunday, January 23, 2011


The other night my husband and I went out to dinner. The restaurant we chose is located in a very pretty shopping district, and this was the view that greeted us as we walked along the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.
Isn't it pretty? The combination of the dusky time of day and the fairy lights -- I love little white lights! -- is just magical.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun today

The local quilt group I attend had a meeting today, and we began making a table runner. It was lots of fun to see how the colors each of us chose made the same pattern look so different. I found a focus fabric and the other necessary colors in my stash, so I'm thrilled that this will be a "freebie" -- it doesn't count if I bought it a few years ago, right? ;) The top of my runner is almost finished; I'll complete it on Sunday at a friend's house. In the meantime, here's a hint of what it will look like.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Storm at Sea

Last night I finished my little Storm at Sea miniature -- quilted, bound and labeled. :) It was a fun little project to do, and John Flynn's laser-cut kits are definitely very precise and easy to piece. This one ended up being 21" wide by 23.5" long after I'd added the borders; the center is 14" x 17.5". I quilted a combination of small feathers and some stylized "waves" into diagonal rows, then added some curlier waves in the outer border (click on the photo for a closer look). I really should have done more stabilizing quilting before beginning the free-motion work, as the areas between the quilting rows have a rather "topographical" effect. As I frequently do, I added some corded piping between the outer border and the binding; I like the extra bit of interest it adds.