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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taking a break

I'm not completely ready for Christmas, but today I took a bit of a break from that hustle and bustle to work on the miniature I now have in progress. While I was in Houston in November, I bought a kit -- something I never do -- for a Storm at Sea. Why did I buy it, when I could have made a paper-pieced one quite easily? Because the kit's pieces were all laser cut and very accurate; I wanted to give using them a try. Here's what the cover of the kit looked like:

Notice that the label very clearly states that the batiks used in the kit might not be the same as those in the photo, and that was the case.

The kit came from John Flynn, and the pieces went together so easily!

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I've made all of the blocks (100, though one is an "extra" and won't be in the quilt) and joined them into rows. Now I have six of the eleven rows joined together, and I'm liking the results, though I wouldn't have chosen exactly these colors.

Soon I'll need to start thinking of what to use for borders and how to do the quilting, but I doubt that I'll get much more quilting time for the next week. ;)


  1. I've used one of John's pre-cut kits before and they are wonderful. Your quilt is beautiful.

  2. I love the colours! Funny - I bought a kit in Houston too - my first kit ever (not counting the two DH gave me for Christmas last year)


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