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Friday, December 31, 2010

Leftovers and choices

I didn't cook Christmas dinner at home, as we had our family dinner at our daughter's house. So "leftovers" here are baked goods. I tried a new-to-me Martha Stewart recipe this year, along with a few of our usual favorites, and it was a hit wherever I took it. There's *one* piece left, which I plan to make sure is gone today. ;) This is the last remaining piece of the chocolate coconut cheesecake squares. Yum!

Now for the choices. I've had to give up on my original plan for quilting that Storm at Sea miniature, as I just couldn't make the intersections work out right. Fine. I'll probably use my original idea in the borders instead. Next question: what color thread should I use? Going through what I already had on hand, I thought a cone of turquoise/purple Rainbows polyester might be pretty good, but then I also liked a lighter lavender I have. Decisions, decisions! I'm leaning toward the turquoise/purple, but I'm still thinking ....


  1. I don't know what type of quilting design you are planning, but I would use one colour in one direction, and change to the second colour for the other direction (possibly following the waves diagonally). Just a thought.

  2. Nice job on this one .I would use the light lavender .....

  3. Hi Sandy! Thanks for visiting me on my blog and for all the congrats! I love your storm at sea--it's the most colorful one I've seen and you know me, I love color!. Glad you are blogging now too!!


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