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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swirling Branches is done

Not quite two weeks ago, I posted this finished top. Today the little quilt is finished, and I'm pretty pleased with it, though there are definite mistakes in it. However, the pattern was fun to make, and the piece isn't a UFO, so I'm happy. :)

When I posted the top, I was debating how to quilt it. Obviously, I made up my mind. ;) I used some variegated green thread to do free-motion feathers (have I mentioned lately how much I love feathers?) in the light- and medium-green branches. The darker green branches have a swirl in them. The red and yellow "lights" have candle flames quilted in them, and the background is all straight lines to suggest the light coming from those candles. Beneath the tree I did a little curlicue. Here are some detail shots of the quilting, where you can see what I did right and also some of the mistakes I made:

This one shows the quilting from the back:


  1. Front and back...just gorgeous! I hope you'll be entering this in the quilt show! A winner for sure! :o)

  2. Mistakes? What mistakes?
    You did a lovely job of quilting, as usual.....

  3. Lovely! I was making great progress on feathers--but now my Juki is packed up in preparation for the move. They are perfect for the tree and a wonderful contrast to the background quilting.

  4. Oh, I knew you would come up with something wonderful! The quilt looks really great - and you finished it so fast. Amazing!


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