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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carol Doak class

I've been a fan of Carol Doak for a very long time now. She's the queen of paper piecing, for those who aren't familiar with her name. I've run into her several times at the "really big show" in Houston and even had a class with her. When she agreed to come to our guild and teach, therefore, I was really excited. :) Unfortunately, I couldn't take the class I was most interested in, due to time conflicts. However, yesterday I was free and was able to go and be her "gofer" for that class.

What fun! She has such a sense of humor and is a very generous teacher -- she gives freely of her time and tips, practically daring anyone not to have a marvelous time and come out having learned how to make those beautifully pointy points that paper piecing can give.

This is a photo of me with Carol -- and that smile never seems to leave her face! 

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  1. I enjoyed Carol's class when I took it before. She is always smiling! Lucky you.


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