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Monday, September 13, 2010

Winding Ways progress

I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything about the Winding Ways quilt I've been working on. That's mostly because I've been procrastinating and letting other things get in the way of working on it. I have to admit that I prefer making smaller quilts; bed-sized quilts just don't have the same appeal for me. However, we need a new quilt for our bed, and this one will be more like a bedspread, since it will come down almost to the floor. So it's onward with the project. :)

Today I finally finished putting all of the blocks and rows together! Yay! Now I need to cut the strips for the mitered borders, and this is where my next challenge comes in. That's because I've decided that my original choice of one of the three fabrics I will use is really not good. Do I have enough leftover fabric of one of the others that would work better? Stay tuned. ;) Meanwhile, here's what the center looks like -- and it's not really a trapezoid. I just don't have a design wall yet, so the quilt center is on the floor and I can't get up high enough to take a good photo. Oh well -- you'll get the idea. Do you see the circles?


  1. It looks wonderful! I love the wonderful circles. The only time I tried this pattern was in a miniature version, and all the pieces were appliqued.

  2. Thanks, Susan. :) The circles are the reason I wanted to do this pattern. I'd love to see your mini version!

  3. Oh, it is turning out just beautiful! Does a new quilt for the bedroom mean you have to re-paint too?

  4. LOL! No, Marcella, we won't have to re-paint. As you know, we have a very small house, so I've stuck with white walls to give a better illusion of space. White goes with everything. ;) I will, however, have to change the quilt that's currently hanging on the wall.


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