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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday's progress

I worked on/played with two different things on Sunday. First, my Winding Ways quilt is coming along. I now have four rows put together! :)

Once I'd done that, though, I decided that I really really needed to make a couple of pot holders. Some of mine are in very sorry shape, and I haven't seen any in the right colors -- either blue and white or blue and yellow would be fine -- for my kitchen. Correction: I haven't seen any in the right colors and that cost less than an arm and a leg. ;) I told you in a previous post that I'd bought a cute pattern for some Pot Pinchers a few weeks ago, so I went through my stash, found some fabrics I'd had for some time and made a pair. I love the way the "pocket" parts for the thumb and fingers aren't completely flat; that makes quickly putting your hand inside very easy.


  1. Joli ! That looks like provençal fabric. Did you bring it back from France ?

  2. Merci, Carolyn! :) No, I bought the provençal fabric (as well as the yellow teapot fabric) online some years ago.

  3. Yes I agree, tres jolie, but they look too pretty to use!! The Winding ways is looking fab too.

  4. I see a quick project in my near future. I would have never thought of Pinchers but it makes alot of sense to me!

  5. They actually work very well. Have fun making some of your own. :)


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