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Sunday, August 22, 2010

New toy

I have to admit that I haven't been doing any quilting for the past few days. In case you're now wondering why, it's because I've been playing with a new "toy". ;) My birthday was last month, and my gift was placed into my hands just this past Friday. It had to wait until our current cell phone contract had expired so we could switch to AT&T and I could have an iPhone! I'm so excited, and I've been playing with it, getting all of my "stuff" switched over from my iPod Touch to the iPhone and then learning all about the features that the Touch didn't have. 

I have to say that it's really not a toy, of course. I'll be using it to stay in touch with other quilters, among other things. I just wish I knew someone else who had one of these like mine so I could try out FaceTime. But now I'm going to go work on making a couple of ringtones. ;)


  1. You are going to LOVE your new "toy"! I have the iPhone 3 for 13 months now. Before to me a phone was just a phone but this is so much more! I love mine and am debating if I "need" to upgrade to a 4 just yet or not. LOL. I use my several times a day for email, text, internet, directions, a level, a camera to take pics of things in a store that I want to price shop on later, to pull up any local quilt shops when we travel and also have an app that locates yarn/knit shops within 100 miles. This is one smart piece of work! Enjoy yours!

  2. Sandy,
    Yes...Yes...Yes...I love the iphone! You will really enjoy it!
    I got the iphone 3 first and had it for 18 months. I pre-ordered the iphone 4 and got it when it first came out. My sister got the iphone 4 at the same time. We tried out the face time last weekend and it works great....but you have to have a wi-fi connection :( Thanks for the info regarding the waterlily cushion.

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