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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh my! My lucky day!

I've been quiet lately, but it's because I've been away. Mike and I have been visiting my twin and her family, who live right outside of Paris. More about that later. 

While I was enjoying French food and scenery, I had a message from Sarah at the Electric Quilt company to say that my name had been drawn in their badge contest. Do you see the EQ7 badge way down on the left side of this page? Putting it there let me enter the drawing, and I'm one of the lucky winners. :D What's even nicer was that I had  four different pieces of software to choose from as my prize! I'm just waiting now to receive Sue Spargo's Folk Art Dreams, which may already be here; but my neighbor has been collecting my mail and isn't home right now for me to get it from her.  


  1. Many congrats! Seems like a double win to get the news while vacationing in Paris. :-)

  2. Thanks, Michelle! :) It did truly seem a double win, as you point out.

  3. Congratulations! That is so exciting to win something. Your trip pictures are lovely too. Glad you had such a fun visit with your sister.


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