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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have you ever ...

... made pasta? I've only recently discovered the joys of making pasta at home instead of buying the dried versions at the store. You may have seen this post, where I made some traditional pasta. However, the other day I decided to branch out a bit, so I made spinach pasta, using fresh baby spinach. Okay, I dusted it with a bit too much flour to keep it from sticking together, but most of that brushed off. But look how bright the green is! It's so much prettier than the spinach pasta at the local grocery store. But the biggest thing is that it tastes so good. We had some last night, and we'll be having more tonight. It freezes beautifully and then only needs a couple of minutes to cook, straight from the freezer. Yum!


  1. Wow! I've never made pasta, much less spinach pasts. It looks so pretty!

  2. Yes I've made Pasta. I agree homemade is so much better. The one thing I've learned about making pasta is that it should be the 'only'thing I'm doing that afternoon...I repeat... the 'only' thing. I can't make pasta and try to finish a quilt or cook something else at the same's pasta and nothing else, except sipping wine between winding the pasta maker.
    I see you also made a clafouti, I make those too but not when I'm making pasta.
    Anyway, I saw your link on Sally Bramald's blog and saw pasta, cooking and pictures of France so I had to leave a comment and say Hi.
    a bientot...

  3. Thanks, Michelle! :) It tastes good, too.

  4. Margaret, my pasta machine isn't manual; it's actually an attachment for my mixer. As a result, the pasta is really fast and easy to make. I did make the clafoutis the day before I made the pasta, but it really wouldn't have been a problem to do them both the same day, except for the heat we have here. ;)

  5. Ah, yes I noticed the gorgeous Kitchen Aid in the corner. Mine's Cinnamon Red but I haven't got the pasta attachment...I've got the Italian style pasta maker and I love just getting in the zone of Pasta making. I'm going to have to look around for one of those racks to store the pasta on though, I have mine draped aound the kitchen on anything I can find.
    I also had a closer look at your France photo's and recognised Amboise...I was there last year staying near Loche, we went to the Sunday market in Amboise. Your pics brought back lots of happy memories, thanks for sharing them.
    bon journee,
    (sorry, can't do the accents on french words!!)

  6. Cinnamon red sounds gorgeous, too, Margaret. :) I found my rack on ebay .... ;)

  7. My sister and I made filled Ravioli once. ONCE. I think we had cheese and pasta on EVERYTHING in my mother's kitchen. It was quite the production. I'd venture to say never again.

  8. LOL! CJ, that sounds like it was probably pretty funny. I haven't tried ravioli, but the pasta I've made has definitely been worth the effort -- and the effort hasn't been as much as I'd previously thought it would be. ;)


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