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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Warm weather meal

It's getting warmer and warmer here in the desert. Actually, I'm not really complaining, since we had an unusually cool (for us) spring. However, now that cooler weather is gone for the duration, and we're hitting the 90s now, with temperatures over 100 beginning next weekend. Have I mentioned that my sewing room faces west? That really makes it difficult to stay comfortable in these warmer months.

Today I decided that those leftover pieces of grilled chicken in our refrigerator would make a pretty good chicken salad for our dinner, with the addition of whatever else was handy and some homemade pasta to add to it. I used a pasta extruder attachment for my mixer and ended up with quite a nice little batch of fusilli, half of which went into the salad and half of which is now in my freezer for a future meal. You can see the extruder cranking out the fusilli in the photo.

A little homemade lemon mayonnaise to bind the chicken, pasta and vegetables together, and I have a nice-looking and refreshing dinner chilling and all ready to go! :)


  1. oh that does look delicious!!
    Met you on Carol Doak's sight thanks so much for the EQ tip and love your header I soooo want to be able to do the pebbles.. the feathers are easier for me but not the pebbles..
    Now to check out the rest of your blog!!

  2. We're finally getting warm weather here. How do you like that pasta extruder? Your pasta certainly looks really nice.

    And totally unrelated, but have you been to sno shack yet? I saw a picture on a blog and it looks so good and apparently in your city.

  3. Marcella, I love that extruder! I have the rollers, too, and they work great, but this is even easier. :)

    I haven't yet been there, but I hope to go when things here calm down a little.


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