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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Evening bag

A friend of mine showed our quilting group a lovely evening bag she'd made, and I fell in love with it; it just about matches a Bargello jacket I'd made not long ago. My friend kindly loaned me the bag for an upcoming special occasion, as well as the pattern she'd used. I had a few spare minutes, so I've made my own version of the bag (though I have to say I like hers better).

What's so unusual about this bag? Can you believe it's made from a man's necktie? That's the truth! It's about 9" x 6.25", so it's perfect for carrying just the "bare essentials". Why do I prefer my friend's bag? Her necktie was prettier! It wasn't shiny, for one thing, and it had an all-over tone-on-tone print, rather than the stripe I ended up using. But do you know how difficult it is to find a reasonably-priced black necktie that isn't just solid black? ;)


  1. What a cute bag.....
    Now I wish I hadn't donated most of DH's ties to Value Village!

  2. Just awesome! The necktie fabric really gives the bag a chic look. Your shiny, black striped bag is very elegant.

  3. Beautiful. Creates a whole new idea for using neckties. Thanks for inspiring!


  4. What a great bag....can you tell me where I can get the pattern please? My quilting group is on a bit of a tie fix at the moment, and this would give them something different to make from them!



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