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Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is springing!

Spring here doesn't last long -- sometimes as little as a few days. However, right now we're really enjoying gorgeous weather, though we're going to have a bit of a cool snap at the beginning of the week. Green is sometimes a bit difficult to find here in the desert, so I thought I'd show some photos of things in our garden. It's really my husband's garden, since I don't do the gardening, but I do enjoy seeing it. :) In this first photo, you can see that the roses are beginning to bloom.

Here are some nectarines barely beginning to grow from the blooms we had last week. Behind this tree is an apricot tree with a very few apricots beginning to show up, and there's also a lime tree quite close; we're hoping to get a couple of limes this year for the first time.

This flowering bush is right outside our front door -- don't ask me what kind it is, but I do like the delicate pink flowers it gets. :)

And here is my husband's pride and joy: his vegetable garden. It's still too cool at night for much to be growing, but we're getting lettuce, and you can just see the tomato cages that will later be filled, not with tomatoes, but with green chiles! The tomatoes grow in another, more shaded area.


  1. Thanks for sharing Sandy. We're starting to get a few flowers over here too. Lady Banks roses are putting on a good show.


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