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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Click-it bag

I belong to a local quilting group, and we had a meeting today. Many of us enjoy ourselves so much that we go to our meeting place around mid-morning to work on whatever we like for a couple of hours, while catching up on everyone's activities. Then we all have lunch together, either bringing food or going and getting something and taking it back to eat with everyone. The afternoon usually boasts a little project of some sort. Today's project was the click-it bag. It has pieces of a metal tape measure in the top, which makes it "click" together after opening, thus keeping your possessions inside. 

I probably would choose different fabrics if I did it again, but I had misunderstood how they went together as I was raiding my fabric stash prior to the meeting. Anyway, mine is just the right size to be the bag for carrying around my Martelli rotary cutter, since that cutter doesn't fit into the bag I used to use for the flat cutters I used to favor. There's even space inside for spare blades. :)

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