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Monday, March 8, 2010

Signature blocks

My local group is swapping signature blocks, and I thought it might be fun to show how simple they are to make. There are lots of different patterns around, but this is the one we're using -- and it could have been paper pieced, if you'd prefer.

1. For a 4" finished block, start with a 4.5" square of a light-colored fabric. (You'll need a light color so the signature will show!) Also cut two 3.5" squares of your contrasting fabric.

2. Mark a line diagonally from corner to corner on the wrong side of each of your smaller squares. By this time, looking at my rotary cutter above and the way I have my ruler and marker set up, you may have noticed that I'm left-handed. No problem -- if you're right-handed, simply do it your way!

3. Now line up one of your marked squares on a background square, right sides together, making sure that your drawn line does not point into a corner of a background square. Stitch along your marked line.

4. Now line up the 1/4" mark of your ruler on the stitched line and trim off the corner triangles.

5. Press the seam toward the new corner ...

6. ... which gives you this:

7. Now repeat the sewing process with the second smaller square, placing it on the background diagonally across from the first one.

8. Repeat the cutting ...

9. ... and the pressing.

10. Now you're ready to sign your block! :)

 In no time at all, you'll have a nice pile of signature blocks, especially if you do some chain piecing! 


  1. NICE ! How are they going to be assembled ?

  2. Thanks, Carolyn. :) I'm not sure yet; it will all depend on how many I end up with after the swap. ;)

  3. Good dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.


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