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Friday, March 12, 2010

And the quilting begins

I've finally found time to baste my quilt sandwich, so last night I began the quilting by doing the stitching in the ditch to stabilize things. Does anyone really like stitching in the ditch? The process, I mean. I like the effect, of course; but I really dislike actually doing it -- probably because it's really hard to stay in that ditch. But I finished the little bit of that I needed to do, and today I began the free motion part, which is the part I enjoy. :)


  1. I think SITD is much easier if you use a walking foot....I just tried doing it with with a FMQ foot and I wandered all over! I won't do that again! Allison

  2. LOL! I always use a walking foot for SITD, Allison -- it would be a nightmare for me with a FM foot!

  3. I use a walking foot too. I took a class where the teacher had us doing grid work with the free motion foot - I was awful at it but her work was amazing. Practice, practice I suppose. I don't mind doing stitch in the ditch though, it's kind of medatative.


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