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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Twiddling and tweaking

A couple of days ago, our guild sponsored a visit and lecture from the delightfully funny and knowledgeable Jennie Rayment. If you've never had a chance to hear her speak or take a class from her, you can consider yourself deprived. ;) I was lucky enough to be able to take three classes from Jennie in the summer of 2007 (photos posted of the resulting projects here), and when I found out that she was coming to town, I immediately signed up to take one of the classes she'd be teaching here: Cosmic Happenings. This one involves inserting bits of one circle into another circle to get a wonderful effect. I've finished two blocks and am trying to decide what to do about making more, since I have no more of the deep purple background batik I began with. Drat! But here are photos of my two blocks, both done in batiks. The first has "rays" of varying sizes in a fabric ranging from orange through melon to yellow; I added a gold center. The rays of the second block are lavender, with a purplish-aqua center; the rays on this one are uniform in length.

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