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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starting ...

... the quilting on a new quilt is always fun! :) This one is simply a panel with added borders -- very basic, as it will see very hard use as a nap quilt when our youngest grandchild (our only granddaughter) goes to preschool next fall. I'm going to outline quilt the major motifs in the panel and then add some feathers (have I mentioned lately that I love feathers? ) in the borders. Since this is for a girl, I thought something feminine would be nice for a change. :)

When I'm doing free-motion quilting, I find it very useful to add a SewSlip II to the bed of my machine; this allows the quilt to slide nicely instead of dragging or getting "hung up" on the cabinet. I also like to use the halo -- that's that red ring (it's not a hoop) -- which allows me to move the section I'm currently quilting without having to grasp fabric tightly in my fists.  Both of these tools make handling the bulk of a quilt so much easier!

What tools do you use to make your free-motion quilting better?


  1. I am hopeless at quilting on my sewing machine unless it's about a 2 foot square or smaller, LOL. Is that an Abbey Bag over on the right? I bought that pattern, yours is so cute!

  2. CJ, I'll admit that smaller pieces are easier, but I don't have much choice, since I don't have a larger machine -- or space for one. I'm just happy that I have a cabinet that has leaves to expand the available space!

    Yes, that's an Abbey Bag! I fell in love with that pattern and just had to make one for a friend and one for myself.

  3. Well, I'm pretty much of a beginner as far as machine quilting is concerned, and I do use special gloves, but that is all ! But the Sew Slip looks good. I'll ask your twin about it when I see her Monday. Carolyn

  4. Carolyn, it's a good thing we quilters have choices, as I don't like gloves. My hands get hot, and I can't manage my thread ends. As for the Sew Slip, I think Jill has a different brand, but it's the same idea. It really does make a difference. She also has a halo, so you might want to see if she'll show it to you. :)


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