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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More stockings

My goodness! That jelly roll I bought has enough strips left for one more batch of these cute stockings (with several strips left over afterwards!), but I may be "stocking-ed out" at this point. ;) I'm not sure this particular jelly roll was quite as traditionally colored as I'd thought it would be when I ordered it, but the stockings are cute anyway. This is the second batch of three that I've made, though I still need to add the little cords for hanging them up.

Actually, if I'd followed the directions exactly, I'd have enough strips left at this point for two more batches of three stockings each, but I used an entire strip for the ruffle at the top, instead of a half strip. That way I could use my handy-dandy ruffler foot on my sewing machine to quickly gather them up to the right size. Half a strip, as used in the pattern, would have yielded a "looser" ruffle, and one I'd have had to do by hand.


  1. Hi Sandy! You are so sweet and thanks for visiting my blog. You are a very talented lady yourself, and I'm glad to add your blog to my list! I never knew you taught French!!! You learn something new everyday! LOl! Lets stay in touch!!

  2. Thanks, Diane! LOL! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now; I agree -- let's stay in touch! :)

  3. Hi Sandy, I've come here from Feather on a Wire's blog to answer your comment about having comments emailed to you. You need to go to your blog dashboard and select the Settings tab, then click on Comments and the window will open to allow you to make all sorts of choices about comments. At the bottom is a box to enter your email address and once you click 'Save' future comments will come to you via email and you can answer them assuming they are not no-reply blogger. If you have any problems just email me and I'll try and help. I shall go and have a proper look at your blog now :o)

  4. Thanks so much, Julie! :)That works just perfectly.


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