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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I've finished the nap quilt for our granddaughter to take to preschool next fall. :) You may wonder why I hurried to finish it when there is still lots of time before she'll need it. It's because -- like many quilters -- I have several projects in the works and didn't want to take a chance that this one wouldn't be ready in time.

This was just a pre-printed panel with some borders added. It looks crooked in the photo, but that's because there is nothing behind it to let it hang straight, as hanging against a wall would do; it really is straight, I promise!
I had a wonderful time free-motion quilting this. This photo shows the feathers that fill the borders; I thought they went well with the fairy's wings.

It's almost impossible to see the free-motion outline quilting I did around the fairy and the artichoke plants, but I think you can see the clouds and leaves I quilted into some of the emptier spots.

Oh, and I even remembered to use one of those cute little "PS I Love You" labels I found! :)

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