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Thursday, January 7, 2010

More sewing room photos

I did say I was going to show you where I quilt, but then I only posted a photo of my Bernina. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll show you the rest of the room. It's a bedroom in our three-bedroom home, so it's not huge -- just about 10' x 10', minus one corner that was chopped off for the door. ;)

This is my lovely cabinet! I keep the right-hand leaf extended to hold various notions, and underneath is a perfect place to store packages of batting. The left-hand leaf and the huge one at the back of the cabinet come up when I'm quilting something larger; you can see that the left leave also has a flip-up piece to fill in the corner when the back leaf is also up.

Behind the cabinet is my ironing board and iron -- not very convenient, but it's the only solution for my room. The doors behind that are hiding the containers where I store my fabrics, and above the doors is a rolled-up piece of flannel which serves as a design wall.

To the left of the closet is a tiny wall that is "sort of" behind the door to the room. That wall has pegboard on it and serves as storage for some of my rulers, scissors, threads and other notions.

Opposite the closet is my computer desk, where I can play with Electric Quilt or read about what other quilters are doing. I like having a laptop so I can take it with me, and of course I use a Mac. ;) I've used Macs since about 1990.

To the left of the desk is a rocking chair, which has been commandeered by my QI, Bisou, who is an adorable red and white cocker spaniel. Here she is napping while I work.

And here she's keeping an eagle eye on developments in the neighborhood. ;)

One last photo shows a rack hanging to the left of the window so that my most-used rulers are handy and accessible. Behind it is a small library quilt made with blocks from a swap some years ago. More photos of it are on my site.

So that's my sewing room!

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