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Friday, October 3, 2014

Parcel Pullover Sweater

This design by Carol Feller caught my eye some time ago, and I found some yarn I liked for it and went to work. :) The yarn is Malabrigo Rios, in the Solis color. It's a gorgeous yarn!

 I'd only done cables once before, and those were on some rather small fingerless mitts, so this was more of a challenge. There are three cables on the body of the sweater, as well as two more on the sleeves. At the right, you can see the pair of cables on the right side of the front.

And at the left, you can see all three body cables, which are repeated on the back.

Each sleeve has two cables. From these photos, I think you can see that the cables aren't the same style as are usually seen, and they are graduated in length. It's a very interesting pattern!

I actually finished the knitting a couple of weeks ago, but I'd been waiting for my husband to be away so I could block the pullover on the kitchen table without messing up our meals; we have a very small home with little room for spreading out. LOL! However, his plans changed, and he didn't go away as originally planned. I've blocked the sweater on the bed instead, turned on the overhead fan to help things along, and am hoping it will be done before someone wants to sleep there. ;)

Friday, September 26, 2014


The sun behind the clouds
We're under a flash flood watch right now as a huge storm rolls in. It hasn't hit our area quite yet, but we have some spectacular skies while we wait. We really need the water, but getting it all at once is always a bit nerve-wracking. Here are a couple more photos:
More clouds
Rain in the distance

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Puppy Love

Yesterday I finished the hand work I was doing the other day when I posted. :) Remember these blocks, begun during a visit from my quilting buddy? The quilt is now finished, though it ended up being too wide (23" x 37") for the wall I'd hoped to hang it on. Drat. Oh well.

The "problem" was that the cocker puppy, which I simply had to use, of course, because of our own cocker, Bisou, was a horizontal block instead of the vertical blocks of the schnauzer and lab puppies.

That lab was in memory of Dexter, a lab/chow mix we used to have and who was the sweetest guy you could imagine.

I used the schnauzer in order to have more than two dogs on the quilt; my sister had a schnauzer, and we also had friends with schnauzers, so that was logical choice.  Once I had all of the blocks finished, they seemed to need a border, so I used the embroidered paw prints for that; they were in the pattern set.

All of the quilting, including the straight lines, was done free motion to facilitate the frequent switching of directions that was necessary. Naturally, I also added the corded piping I like so much next to the binding.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hand work

Gosh, I hadn't realized how much time had slipped by since my last post! I've had a few distractions to keep me busy, though, the most important of which was getting ready for my husband's surgery to mend his torn meniscus. Ouch! But he's doing well at this point, thank goodness.

Another "distraction" has been the installation of our solar panels. Now we're just waiting for everything to be activated.

However, I have been doing some quilting in all of that. :) In fact, I'm now starting the hand work on a machine appliquéd/embroidered quilt begun almost two months ago. Once the binding and hanging sleeve are finished, I'll make a label and go on to the next project on the list. LOL! Doing the hand work is very relaxing, especially with a little pot of tea to enjoy at the same time. :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quilting with my granddaughter

My seven-year-old granddaughter wanted to make a cushion for her bed, so she spent today with me. She'd already picked out the colors she wanted, and I pulled fabrics from my stash and cut them from the layout I'd done in EQ7 (for the Mac!) so we'd be sure to finish in the one day. She requested yellow and white, and we added some purple, her favorite color. She pieced the log cabin variation sitting with me in the chair for supervision, and then she had fun with the walking foot for the quilting. The addition of an overlapped back made the quilt into a cushion cover.

Here's my happy granddaughter with her accomplishment. She loves my Bernina! ;)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fun with machine appliqué

My quilting buddy from Phoenix has been spending a few days here with me, and we had a project in mind to keep us busy and out of trouble. ;) We used our embroidery modules to appliqué some adorable puppies from this pattern.

They're so cute that we've been oohing and awwing at every step! I chose three pups to begin with, but I really had trouble making up my mind — except for the cocker spaniel puppy, of course, since our Bisou likes the same play position. LOL!

These three blocks are all that I have finished at this point, but I'll have to decide how I want to put them together and what other motifs to add to make everything fit together.

Edit: My quilting buddy has just posted photos of her Mixed Mutts dogs, too! Here's where you can find them.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick baby gift

A young couple we know has just had a first baby, an adorable little boy. :) I needed to whip up a quick baby gift, and Craftsy published this cute pattern for a bib. It was quite easy to make, though I did make one modification: I put a layer of vinyl in between the front and back layers so that liquids wouldn't soak through and get the baby or his clothes wet. Having the vinyl between the layers did, however, make the bib more difficult to turn right side out, but I think it will have been worth it. Oh, and I decided to make the owl slightly cross-eyed; he was cuter that way. ;)

Here's the back of the bib, with baseball-themed fabric for a baseball-oriented family. I had the fabric in my stash, and it seemed perfect for this! :)